Monday, February 28, 2011

ten topic teasers...details to follow

1. If you don't miss a man in the first year after he moves out, chances are you never will.

2. Visiting Egypt in September 2010 was a much better time to go than, say, February 2011.

3.  Beware of middle aged men who tell you flat out that they'd "just like to find a hot 21 year old with low self-esteem and father issues." This same man may bring said 21 year old to his ex-wife's ER and stand there helplessly while she is innocently asked - by two different people who don't know him - if she'd like her father back in the exam room with her.

4.  Yes, Virginia, six years in, you can start to burn out on critical care nursing.

5. You can blog virtually every day for close to three years, and still not remember one darn thing about setting up a blog. Don't hold your breath for pictures or anything "fancy". It's all I can do to find the "Publish Post" button.

6. If you're totally hung up on a guy and all your friends who know him tell you that you're way too good for him...believe them.  

7. In the contest between Redemption and Closure, I'll take Redemption. Nine times out of ten anyway.

8. Angry kids can become reasonable, reasonable kids can become angst ridden, and angst ridden kids can bring tears to their Mama's eye with how gracefully they handle themselves under pressure.

9. It sucks ass to finally be brave enough to get back into "the game" and then, in your first real foray out, get dumped for a manipulative control freak who seriously looks like a cross between Olive Oyl and Mr. Ed the talking horse. 

10.  Life ain't perfect, but is sure is darned good. And unless I'm mistaken, it just keeps on getting better...


  1. So what do the numbers 9, 6, 3, and 1 have in common? Just about everything!

    You still rock girl. Seriously.

  2. Can't wait..... but number 3? I'm already ROTF!

  3. #3 made me laugh out loud. #10 made me cheer! Yay! I am so glad to see that you are writing!

  4. Bring it on. I'm ready for anything.

  5. you are a great writer. still having a hard time seeing you as a er nurse.